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When booking with Yamba Fishing and Charters you will be made aware of our CoVid Safe Plan, you are to comply with our onboard regulations or you cannot board the vessel. Please respect that it may be difficult and there may be a number of obstacles that could from time to time make social distancing hard. Consider that any crew movements around the vessel which are required to operate or navigate the vessel or any reasonable direction given to maintain safety would not constitute a breach of any social distancing rules. You will be asked to provide your NAME & CONTACT details & sign a declaration that while onboard you will abide & respect the Covid safety plan for Yamba Fishing and Charters in conjunction with our Release policy form.

Keeping Your Distance

  • Don’t shake hands or exchange physical greetings.

  • If those onboard are members of the same household, there does not need to be four square metres of space for each person.

  •  If those onboard are not members of the same household, they should maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres from others, as is reasonably practicable. 

  • Passengers are required to fish from their marker.

  • Passengers are not to enter cabin/ the skipper will put your belongings in the cabin.

You are required to practise safe hygiene while onboard.

  • Please notify us and do not board the vessel if you have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or travelled overseas in the last month

  • Cough or sneeze into your arm.

  • Use a tissue & dispose in the onboard bin/ wash your hands. 

  • Before and after eating wash your hands.

  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap & water and dry with paper towel provided.

  • Dispose of paper towel in rubbish bin.

  • Hand sanitiser is provided/please use regularly after contact with equipment.


  • Contactless payment is preferred, payment is required in advance. 


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