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Where are your pickup points?

We have a range of pickup and drop off points in Yamba and Iluka for both group and individual bookings. To find your closest option call, email, message or check out our Pickup Points page on Yamba Fishing and Charters website.

What time do you pick up?

Catering to individuals, we try to stick to the schedule since we have Pick up Points in several locations around the Yamba & Iluka area, usually leaving by 6am but this time can differ. For Group Bookings we give you a choice of time and place. The boat is at your disposal.

Is there a toilet on board?

The vessel has full toilet facilities on board.

Where do you go?

We have over 20 different offshore spots. We judge where to go on the day, once we are over the bar and know the prevailing conditions, wind, current, tide etc.

How much fishing time will I get?

This is dependent on a number of factors, including number of pick up points and weather conditions. Whatever we catch, you keep!

What happens if there is bad weather on my booked date?

We use a range of forecasting tools to try and predict what the weather will be doing and to provide you the most notice in the case that we cancel a charter. Generally, we will make the decision by 8pm the day before a charter as to whether we will be going out. Since the weather in Yamba can be unpredictable we do prefer however for you to meet the boat in case the weather forecast has changed. If we have to cancel we will call, text or email you to let you know.

What happens if my charter is cancelled?

Should you charter be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, in the case of bad weather cancellation we offer a full refund or 12 months to rebook.

Can I bring Alcohol?

You're welcome to bring your own alcohol on board but we do ask that you don't bring glass and that you drink responsibly.

Do you cater on your charters?

Catering is not included in the charter price but we suggest you bring your own food & drinks onboard.

What happens if I feel sea sick? Do you provide sea-sick medicine?

We recommend you consult your doctor or pharmacist before your trip. We are not able to provide any medication as it is unlawful. If you think you might get seasick take pills as instructed on packet but take prior to boarding the vessel. Once we are at sea it is too late. Bring plenty of fluids, we will be in a salty environment. Have a good night’s sleep the night before your trip. As other customers will be on board, we will be unable to come back into the harbour early unless there is a medical emergency.

Do we need to bring our own Rods?

The vessel is kitted out with sufficient gear and spares for all. You are welcome to use your own if you wish.

What is minimum number of people?

Once we have accepted a booking we go fishing. Except for bad weather.

How many people can I take on the charter?

We allow 8 maximum passengers.

What happens to the fish?

You keep what you catch. If you need assistance with cleaning your catch please ask us to help out.

Do you guarantee that we catch fish?

As we are dealing with Mother Nature we cannot guarantee a catch but we do everything to give you the best possible chance of taking home something tasty to eat.

What bait do you use?

We tend to use Pilchards, Yellowtail and Squid, whichever is in season.

What can I expect to catch?

We target Flathead, Mulloway, Pearl Perch, Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Morwong, Gurnard, Leather Jacket, Rock Cod, Trevally, Maori Wrasse and Nanigai and run lures for Salmon, Kingfish, Tailor, Mackerel and other surface feeding species.

Do we need Licenses?

Yamba Fishing & Charters owns a block of Charter fishing licenses so you don’t need one.


What are some of the Charter Types

Offshore Reef and Bottom Fishing - Morning Trip (6 Hours) Available 7 days a week, all seasons - this is the most popular trip, suitable for experienced anglers as well as first timers, social and corporate groups, birthdays, etc. People relax, do some fishing and usually catch a feed of fine table fish.

We usually fish 5 to 10 km offshore, over a selection of the productive reefs and fish feeding grounds within easy reach of Yamba . Depending on conditions, up to 8 people can fish at the same time. In most social groups this works out well, because several people are happy to relax, socialise, take photos and take turns fishing. - If you are all die-hard fishos, however, we suggest limiting your numbers.

Includes the boat and crew, top quality fishing tackle and bait, instruction and assistance when necessary.
Time: usually 5:45/6:00am to around 1:00 pm. For exclusive charters, pickup times can be negotiated to suit your party.

Offshore Reef and Bottom Fishing - Twilight Trip (1 PM till Sundown)

Similar to the morning trip listed above but in the evening. Includes the boat and crew, top quality fishing tackle and bait, instruction and assistance when necessary.
Time: 1:00pm to sunset. For exclusive charters, pickup times can be negotiated to suit your party.

Note: times for departure and arrival can be changed to suit groups 


A purchased voucher or gift voucher is valid indefinitely until the time of use & has face value for an individual booking. A purchased voucher may be used to reduce the price of a trip.

A prize voucher that has either been donated by Yamba Fishing and Charters or as part of the Iluka Bait & Tackle fish of the month has been donated by Yamba Fishing and Charters to support small business & growth in our community. 

Your voucher is STRICTLY valid from the month of issue until 6 months expiry eg: (Jan. fish of the month is only valid until the end of July etc.)

You may NOT sell, exchange or change the voucher.

Your voucher can NOT be used to reduce a trip price or can NOT be used on a private trip.

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